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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Background of this ” Great Tooth Destroyer”

We  generally see our  third molars (aka wisdom teeth) growing out of our gums from the age of 18, in times of our ancestors our first molars (aka 6 year old molars)  tend to be very prone to rotting  and needed to be extracted early so Mother Nature uses wisdom teeth as ‘spare tyres’  to replace our broken  first molars however  in advanced societies because good oral hygiene and fluoride first molars are generally in very good condition result is that wisdom teeth become “trapped” or “impacted” or “obsolete” sitting at the back of our jaws constantly causing gum infection, swelling, bad smell and bore big holes (see photo) in our good teeth in front of them hence the “Great tooth Destroyer” name.

As a short term remedy we manage wisdom teeth infection with antibiotics.

As long term remedy we extract wisdom teeth so that the cause and effect are eliminated for good.

A choice of Local anaesthetic(90%) or General anaesthetic (10%) are used.

A choice of doing wisdom surgery in a normal dental surgery (90% of our cases) or in a Hospital surgical theatre (10%). either way Sprout Dental is very experienced in the wisdom teeth removal as often they are very atraumatic and patients tend to return to work or study after a weekend’s rest!

How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Wisdom teeth roots can be very twisted, long, have many unexpected roots.

Prior to any removal we must be aided by good X rays such as OPG or CT to see all the roots or if a big nerve is lurking nearby or not.

Surgical removal of bone and sectioning of wisdom teeth are often needed to bring out wisdom teeth.

Antibiotic and painkillers may be needed to manage after surgery healing.

Ice pack and 2 days of rest will normally be required.

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