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Teeth Whitening

Why Do We Need Teeth Whitening?
  • – Our teeth get stained by coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauces.
  • – Our teeth get darker with aging.
  • – We need look our best for wedding photos or any media presentation.
  • – Teeth have been stained by an antibiotic named “tetracycline”.
How Do Teeth Whitening Work?
  • – We use the Philips ZOOM laser bleaching system.
  • – Philips ZOOM laser bleaching system is the best name in the world for teeth Whitening
  • – After ZOOM bleaching gel is applied to the surfaces of teeth the ZOOM laser is turned on.
  • – After 1 hour all the teeth are whitened to at least 3 shades whiter.
  • – Patients are instructed to remineralise their teeth with a Calcium cream.

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