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When you know your teeth are untidy, your smile is not good enough but your life style and work requirement do not allow you to wear the traditional orthodontic braces……. then “Invisalgn” the  invisible braces is the answer, you can now straighten your teeth, enhance your smile without people noticing.

How and How Long?
  • – First we take some X rays, make some model and take some photos for measurement and design purposes.
  • – Invisalgn Computer software will design and fabricate a set of  exact invisible trays that will gradually correct your teeth’s alignment problems until they are perfect!!
  • – This procedure usually take 12-18 months at your own time.
  • – This treatment is invisible and comfortable.
Who uses Invisalign?
  • – Movie, rock stars, busy executives, sale people, media people, image conscious people.
  • – Travelling or remote regional people who can not come to see the dentist for a long time or a regular interval.
Why Use Us for Invisalgn
    • – We are one of the biggest supplier of Invisalgn in Sydney.
    • – We are also trained in traditional orthodontics so we know how to deal with tricky jobs.


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