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Children’s Dentistry

We Need Our Baby Teeth

Children’s teeth are very important, 1. they are essential for chewing to facilitate proper digestion, 2. ¬†they act as a templet to guide the permanent teeth to come out into correct positions.

Small Person With Big Problem
  • – If child is in pain from tooth decay usually we can not get his/her cooperation to treat.
  • – It is usually very difficult to repair baby teeth.
  • – Any baby teeth repair are not very durable.
  • – Baby teeth are not permanent as they will fall out before the teenage years.
Prevention is better than sorry
  • – We must work with parents to develop good oral hygiene, good diet.
  • – Give children regular check up.
  • – Stop eating snacks and sweets.
  • – Stop drinking juices or milk prior to sleep.
Treatment Of Last Resort
  • – Should the child need treatment General anaesthetic is often needed.
  • – We need to book the hospital and anaesthetist
  • – When the child is unconscious we proceed to make stainless steel crowns for all the decayed teeth.
  • – By this stage the entire treatment is usually very costly.

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