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  • How are dental instruments sterilised?

    Most times dental instruments are single use only however some stainless steel tools are reprocessed and sterilised according to Health Department Guidelines: 1. firstly cleaned by ultrasonic bath to dislodge any materials adhered to the surfaces. 2. dried and wrapped as an item. 3. wraped item is autoclaved to kill ALL bacteria and virus. 4. … Continue reading How are dental instruments sterilised?

  • Why my teeth look so weird!

    Your teeth may be discoloured from receiving too many different fillings over the years. To make them look great again the old fillings may be replaced by new composite fillings.

  • Why do I have bad breath?

    There are several reasons for bad breath (halitosis). These include: Poor oral hygiene, food traps, tooth decay, gum inflammation, gastric disturbances and oral fungal infection. It is important that the dentist finds out the real cause of bad breath and prevent it from reoccurring.

  • How often should I change my toothbrush?

    The bristles of tooth brushes lose their effectiveness in about 30 days therefore it is advisable to replace them monthly. This is especially valid if we use the soft (recommended bristles type)brushes as recommended by the dentists worldwide.

  • How to stop toothaches, gum swellings?

    Toothaches are ¬†normally caused by the tooth nerves either in infection, stimulated by irritants, cracked tooth, pus pressure building up. Gum swelling is the gums infected by bacteria associated with food trap, bacterial/viral infection or long term gum diseases. To stop acute tooth pain we need immediate pressure relief by drainage, antibiotic and/or ¬†extraction of … Continue reading How to stop toothaches, gum swellings?

  • How often should I go to the dentist?

    A check-up every six months is recommended to detect any problems early and to assist in the prevention of major problems down the track. Treating problems early will minimise both time in the chair and cost.

  • As a new patient, what can I expect on my initial visit?

    You will be welcomed as a new patient, fill in a simple questionnaire about you personal health details. We will spend time to talk about your teeth and your needs, often X rays will be needed to look for any hidden problems or irregularities. For complex cases usually a plan is printed and given to … Continue reading As a new patient, what can I expect on my initial visit?

  • My denture is always lose, any way to secure it?

    If this is an old denture, sometimes a new denture is needed. If a new denture is still loose then perhaps your denture bearing bone has eroded away now the only way to secure it is with four dental implants.